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Who will survive the X?

What is Xtraction?

Franchise X XTracTion Process

* When league advances to super bowl, the XTraction process begins, where 32 users will have 48 hours vote on 2 people to be put on the Xtraction block

* The 2 teams who played in the Super Bowl will both have immunity.

* The third immunity card (called the X-Power Card ) will be available to the winner of the (Xtraction game.)

    - This person will have the option to take themselves off the block OR use it on the person next to them.

    - This person will also choose a new nominee to replace them on the block (cannot be anyone who holds an immunity card)

* Once the replacement nominee is in selected, the league will immediately vote on who goes home between the two players currently on the block.

    - the player with the X-Power card will not cast a vote

    - This process will hosted live on twitch. 

    - Each in the Franchise x will submit their vote via direct message to the live commissioner. 

    - The live commissioner will read each vote aloud and reveal the extracted user.

    - Process will last 20 min

* Once voted off, the player will then join the D-League on whatever team is available. 

* The super bowl winner will immediately choose two players from the D-League  and the commissioners will make the final decision on who  will join Franchise X

* Once the new player has joined the franchise, the league will advance to next season.

Tune In Live!

The  Xtraction  process  will  be  streamed  live  for  all  to  see.  So  stay  tuned  for  Franchise  X’s year 1 finale !


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