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League Champions



In Madden 19 Deo won 3 Super Bowl Champions with a total of 41 win and only 7 losses. Including one undefeated season with The New England Patriots.Deo is credited as being the single most dominant player in madden 19. 



In madden 19 the MH won 4 championships with a total of 39 win and 9 losses with the Dallas Cowboys/Cleveland Browns. Also defeating Deo in the Super Bowl and the one other Super Bowl winner Kaylan twice. One could say MH is the only team that stopped a completely dominant AFC era.



In madden 19 Kaylan pursued on quest to prove that he was still one of the madden greats. In a season to be remembered Kaylan took  Pittsburgh to there first and only Super Bowl win with a total of 15 wins and 1 loss. Kaylan defeated Deo to get to the Super Bowl to play the Redskins who at the time had been to his second straight Super Bowl appearance. Kaylan appeared in two more Superbowls but failed to bring a title home.