The Ultimate Madden Franchise Experience

Tired of playing in the old advance and play leagues. Do you want to feel like you are the owner of a real life Franchise?


To the most immersive Madden Franchise League on the market.  Where all your Madden Franchise needs are met. No more stressing, arguing, and convincing with Trade Committees. Come enjoy Trade Freedom in the Franchise X. Enjoy as the media praises your moves or suffer from the media’s  backlash. 



A totally connected community, interactive, co-existent, and extremely immersive. We stream everything live for the world to see. You will be able to have access to the league 24/7 through active streams.

About Us


We are what every franchise player really wants...

Every move matters from game stats, trades, and simple roster moves that should be mentioned just like in the real NFL. The live streaming foundation gives you a in-depth experience like no other.


Espn and Media Personalities

Get your live updates on twitter directly from some of the most popular personas on the sports networks. 

*(A league generated version)*


Comp Sim Switch

No matter your madden game style preference, we appease all our users by switching each year between comp and sim.

That's Not all


Trade Freedom

Come build your dream team here, we do not limit our users by creating biased trade committees who tell you who you can and can not have. Our users are competent and competitive, we trust in their abilities to build. The media handles the backlash if it doesn't pan out

Every team gets their choice to rock a custom made league logo. Win in style!

Custom Made League Logos & Access To Daddyleagues

Every team gets a custom league logo. Look good and Win big! Also get all the information for your team that you need directly from our daddyleagues.  


24/7 Live Streaming

Stay connected as our users are required to stream their every move. If you aren't at home find out what's happening by logging on another users stream. The immersion never sleeps.

Contact Us

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We love our members, so feel free to contact us at any time regarding membership. 


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09:00 am – 05:00 pm